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What is Ama Edu?

A social-digital laboratory focused on delivering powerful messages to bring awareness and create positive change.

A helpful partner to reach less-privileged audiences in the most effective way.

A strategic, cost-effective way to create sustainable development in a specific location.


AMA EDU was created in 2015 by four motivated MBA students based in London who took part in an International Social Entrepreneurship challenge organized by their Business School. The team worked to deliver a sustainable and high-impact early childhood education project that became AMA EDU. It started developing short animated educational videos aimed at helping parents deal with parenthood and were made available through social media and educational totems placed in public places.

AMA EDU also delivered powerful workshops for parents to help them navigate early childhood. Through the years AMA EDU started focusing, not only in parents, but other social groups, communities and problems that needed attention. We have helped several organizations build their messages to bring awareness or generate positive change. Today our focus is to become a key partner for organizations whose goal is to change the world through educating and bringing information to the less privileged communities.

  • Our Mission

    To help organizations create and deliver powerful messages to build happier, healthier communities around the world.

  • Our Vision

    Become a key player in creating positive change around the world through education and awareness.

We work all around
the world

  • Countries from where we work: Peru, Chile, Belgium and Switzerland.

  • Our partners: Argentina, Brasil, Colombia and Ecuador.

  • Countries where we have worked and created impact: Peru, Ethiopia, India and Canada.