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Better, sustainable living thanks to Marka Group and AMA
September 30, 2021

Better, sustainable living thanks to Marka Group and AMA

Back in 2018 we had to face a really interesting challenge while working with Marka Group. Marka is real estate agency that had the important task of developing a rural area in north Peru, mainly inhabited by farmers and ranchers. They were working together with a Government Program called Techo Peru which made it fairly affordable for these farmers and ranchers to live in a developed community, with proper services, school, parks, security, etc.

The only problem was that these people had been promised a developed community for over 5 years and, thanks to corruption and bureaucracy, nothing had been done for them, so they were feeling abandoned and hopeless. They had been living on those lands for many years and had managed to survive; however their living conditions were not appropriate and they were in danger of losing everything due to mud flooding or landslides.

So our challenge was creating messages that not only sell this new complex, but also help them understand why it was good for them and their families’ future and bring hope back into their lives. 

Marka Group had done a really intensive research about the area, the community, their daily lives; and had gained a lot of insights into their needs and hopes for the future. So we used that knowledge to produce 5 animated videos tackling the most important subjects around the new living complex and educating the community on what to take into account making this decision.

The results were really positive as people responded really well to the content. The videos were diffused in all Marka’s information booths and even in their local city hall.

We loved the chance to tackle a different matter than what we were used to and to learn so much about the community and their honest needs. We broke down the barriers of misinformation and hopelessness to bring a new vision for the future.

Check out our Marka videos here.