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Expanding our horizons into Asia and Africa
September 30, 2021

Expanding our horizons into Asia and Africa

Thanks to our work with Transforming Faces and Programa Creciendo, we recently had the chance to work with Transforming Faces India to help them diffuse what Comprehensive Cleft Care covers and bring awareness among their local communities.

Transforming Faces India had the chance to see everything we had done in Peru and all the positive results that had brought to the Latin American community, so they were driven to contact us and use our expertise to create 3 animated videos that focused on the most important matters among Indian parents: Cleft Care, Speech Therapy and Oral Health.

We worked closely with our client to understand all the cultural aspects and insights of their local communities to deliver the best content possible that can really help parents find tools and resources when dealing with Cleft.

We also translated all 3 videos into 5 different languages so they could be diffused all around the Indian territory without language barriers.

The videos were so well received by the locals and the global partners of Transforming Faces that they were interested in producing more videos tailored-made for Ethiopia and Thailand.

It brings us a lot of joy to be able to produce content that helps bring resources for a very common problem among newborns around the world. We are now working on the Ethiopian videos that will be shared with 5 more organizations in Ethiopia and Uganda.

Now, more than ever, we reaffirm our commitment to creating positive change and partner with organizations like Transforming Faces that aim to bring awareness, help and education.

Check out our videos here.