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Helping Programa Creciendo reach a bigger audience
September 30, 2021

Helping Programa Creciendo reach a bigger audience

In 2018 we had the chance to work with Transforming Faces for one of their local programs in Peru focused on helping children with Cleft Lip and Palate.

One of the challenges faced by Creciendo Program was the need to inform and educate the public and parents of newborn with Cleft about Cleft, the importance of treatment and its long term scope; communicate in a friendly and simple manner where and how to access comprehensive Cleft care in Lima and educate about the purpose of therapies, encouraging parental collaboration and perseverance.

The solution offered by AMA EDU! was to develop 5 animated videos that would cover the most important concerns among parents and find clever solutions for their diffusion. This material was distributed and published in the video systems of the hospitals and clinics, as well as in all social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. 

We also provided our Educational Totems to broadcast the videos using our interactive offline app in which the users could rate the videos, fill in a survey and navigate through our own video library as well. Totems were installed in 3 different hospitals with the purpose of bringing the content closer to the parents in need.

Combining our digital campaign with our offline efforts, we ended up impacting around 40,000 people in 3.5 months, generating big awareness, not only about the Program, but also about Cleft care and all resources at hand for newborn with these conditions.

Our videos were adapted to be shared among several Dentists’ circles in Latin America causing a great response and praising about how helpful they were.

Later on we continued our mission with Programa Creciendo developing 3 more animated videos, this time related to important subjects around bullying and helping parents and teachers navigate these issues.

We are so happy to partner with organizations that can bring awareness and, specially, hope to parents and children.