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How did we start?
September 30, 2021

How did we start?

AMA EDU! started as  a social enterprise that promoted the integral development of children in early childhood (from 0 to 6 years old) empowering their parents through the use of multimedia education, information and communication technologies. We developed educational animated videos, based on Montessori methodology, that offer day-to-day advices on stimulation, parenting’s skills, nutrition and special needs. 

As a first milestone in our history we won StartUp Peru in 2017, which let us become a part of the “Promesas” Program from Endeavor incubator and helped us developed our offline app to help bring the content to remote locations.

 In our commitment to provide parents with helpful tips and accompany them in their journey, we kept developing more content, perfecting our animations and giving workshops in undeserved communities.

For our contributions in helping parents learn about early childhood education, we reached a second milestone, receiving a recognition from the Ministry of Education as “Allies for Education”. And based on our expertise in delivering powerful messages we started producing videos for Organizations whose focus was children’s health and specific pathologies.

Now we’re continuing expanding our horizons further, trying to reach beyond parenthood and early childhood education; to use our expertise and help bring awareness about important issues around the world like: education, health, parenting, sustainability, gender equality, among many others.

Our spectrum is broader; our hearts, bigger and our desire to change the world more alive than ever.

What do you think are the most important social subjects to tackle right now? Write to us and let us know: